Services of car wash in Moldova.

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  Complex car wash

Touchless car wash

Interior cleaning

Washing with chemistry

Washing of carpets

Washing of engine

Passenger car 99 65 35 50 10 80
Minivan 120 80 40 60 10 80
Jeep 130 80 50 60 10 80
Minibus 140 80 65 60 10 80
Minibus long base 150 90 65 70 10 80
Taxi (8.00-21.00) 70 50 30 40 10 80
21.00-8.00 60 40 20 35 10 80



Regular car care extends the life of body elements, prevents corrosion and allows you to keep the interior in original condition for a longer time. A huge choice for services of auto wash in Chisinau allows you to choose the best offer. In the case of self-service car wash, find a place where you can wash your car by yourself at the most suitable price. You can also make an auto for hire from us.


The Cars4Rent company provides car washing services in Moldova. Therefore, you can only entrust your auto to a professional car wash. The list of services includes: complex car wash, touchless car wash, interior cleaning, washing with chemistry, washing of carpets and washing of engine. Cars can be serviced up to minibuses with long base.


If you are looking for quality service at attractive prices, the car wash services in Chisinau from Cars4Rent - are the best conditions and the most optimal solution.


Cars of any class for rent from Cars4rent! We are waiting you at Kamenica 4A street, on the territory of Chisinau.