Car rent conditions in Chisinau.

In provision of auto hire services in Moldova from Cars4Rent inclides next:

Age of the driver: 23 years and more.

Required documents: Identity card and driving license.

Driving experience: 3 years and more.

Transfer of a car:

- During reception-transmission of car, the parties carried out inspection of the auto in the outside, inside and the technical status of the car and make the act of reception and transmission with the signing of both parties.

- Car is transferred and received only in pure form.

- When the auto is returned, the customer undertakes to transfer the car filled with fuel in the tank. The volume of the fuel should not be less than at the moment of receiving.

- When the auto for rent is transferred, registration certificate, technical inspection ticket and compulsory insurance are transferred to the Renter, and CASCO can be provided if client wants it.

- The cost of CASCO is 5 Euro/24 hours that includes: insurance indemnity in case of complete destruction, steal and other damage exceeding 500 Euro.

Payment: The payment can be in cash, or bank transfer or money transfer from a foreign country. Cash payment or bank transfer must be made in national currency by BNM exchange rate at the date of payment.

Pledge: The amount of pledge dependen on the brand of auto and is returned when it was refunded.


For cars of any class for hire in Cars4Rent exist an individual approach to each client.