Age of the driver:

- 23 years and more.

Required documents:

- Identity card anddriving license.

Driving experience:

- 3 years and more.

Transfer of a car:

- When the car is received-transferred, parties inspect the car externally, internally and technically and make the Delivery Acceptance Certificate with signatures of both parties.

- Car is transferred and received after it is cleaned.

- When the car is returned, the customer undertakesto transfer the carwith tank filled with fuel. The volume of the fuel should not be less than the volumeat the moment of car receiving.

- When the car is transferred, registration certificate, technical inspection ticket and compulsory insurance are transferred to theRenter, and CASCO insurance is provided if desired. The cost of CASCO insuranceis 5 Euro/24 hours that includes: insurance indemnity in case of complete destruction of a car, steal and other damage exceeding 500 Euro.


- The payment is made in cash, via bank transfer or money transfer from a foreign country. Cash payment or bank transfer is made in national currency at BNM exchange rate at the date of payment.


- The amount of pledge is charged dependent on the car brand and is refunded when the car is returned.

The car rental pricing is based on the case-by-case approach to every client.